Thursday, December 08, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions #13

Q. I am interested in your products but was wondering about the following: I am prone to acne on my chin, nose and forehead, but the rest of my face is very dry (combination skin) I also have rosacea and was told that some ingredients like eucalyptus may aggravate my skin. Which of the following do you recommend?
A. Often dry skin triggers acne since the oil glands must overproduce oil in order to lubricate the skin. The products selected are non-drying and help quite a bit to slow down the oil glands but adequately protect and moisturize your skin reducing the incidence of breakouts.

  • face cleanser – palma rose and geranium

  • facial oil – balanced sensitive – to begin using our products, treat your skin as if it is sensitive (due to the rosacea) You can get acne controlling benefits from the floral toner and all the products are moisturizing to target the dry skin. If your skin reacts favourably to these products move up to the acne-prone.

  • toner - floral