Monday, November 14, 2005

Wedding Day Make-Up

Wedding Day Make-Up
By Lori Stryker, B.Sc., B.H.Ec., B.Ed.

The weeding day is much anticipated and sought after, and when it comes, all brides and grooms want to glow and be the epitome of youth and health. Organic and all natural cosmetics can help you achieve the radiance desired on that special day.

It is very important to experiment with makeup several times before the wedding day, and under a variety of weather conditions to test the longevity of the makeup on your particular skin type. Your foundation and concealer should last into the evening, as well as the eye makeup, unless crying is involved! Powder and lipstick needs to be re-applied periodically. If you are going to apply your own makeup, practicing the application of your makeup is crucial, since the morning of the wedding is not the time to try out new colours or techniques. Before elaborating on colour choices, focus attention on skin care that starts weeks and months before the wedding day.

The worst thing is to have an acne crisis the day of the wedding, although this is common because of the stress and anticipation of the wedding day. Take care of your skin well in advance with all natural products so that pores are as clean as possible (it takes two weeks for skin cycles to complete themselves). Make certain that in the weeks before, drink plenty of water, eat wholesome foods low in sugar and fat and get plenty of rest coupled with light exercise.

Selecting the right colours for your wedding should always remain within the classic range. People will be looking at your wedding pictures for decades to come, so avoid a dated look. Use a lipstick a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour (avoid lipsticks that are too dark or too light). Blush should be soft and warm. Eyes need to be soft as well and shaded with colours that will bring out your eye colour, which are usually the same shade as your eyes or a complementary shade (for example, green eyes are enhanced by using a plum shadow). Eyebrows must be trimmed and arched according to the natural lines of the brow, and an aesthetician can do this for you. Fill in eyebrows only if they are thin, and use a shade of wet/dry shadow that is one shade darker than your eyebrow colour.

Concealer, foundation and face powder must have a sheer look, not caked on. In fact, if you take care of your skin and it is clear, a light layer of foundation and dusting of powder is all that is needed to create a dewy, flawless-looking finish. Concealer is SO important, especially around the corners of the eyes. Blend it under and around the eyes before applying foundation, avoiding the upper lids. If you have to conceal acne, dab a bit on and do not blend. Apply foundation on top and dust with powder.

After the ceremony and pictures, relax and have a great time. Your wedding is a party in honour of you and your new spouse, and it will pass by quickly. When dinner starts, forget about your makeup and just have a wonderful evening. You may want to bring a lip balm just in case, or ask one of your bridesmaids to pack your lipstick and powder for an after dinner touch-up. Many brides waste valuable time obsessing about how they look rather than enjoying their surroundings. Your happiness will be all the adornment you need to convince everyone, especially the groom, that you are the most beautiful woman in the room!